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bbbGraystone Monuments is a local family owned monument shop located in Stockton, CA that designs, engraves and installs monuments, memorials and headstones for families and businesses in San Joaquin, Stanislaus, Calaveras and portions of Sacramento and Alameda Counties.

We take pride in providing a comfortable and creative environment in which your family can create a personalized memorial. The finest granite and bronze products are available and you will have confidence in knowing that the design, engraving and installation is provided by Graystone Monuments.

Come in and select one of the many beautiful bronze and granite cemetery monuments and memorials that will present a loving and enduring statement that will last for generations. For assistance please give us a call at (209) 460-1700.



Why Choose Graystone Monuments

Our monument shop is your family’s representative through the entire process of dealing with the quarry (geometry, finish, color, scheduling, and delivery) and preparing the engraving design with your family. When required,  we provide the design information to the cemetery for review and approval.In accordance with the cemetery’s requirments, our shop will schedule and coordinate the installation of your family’s monument. If any issues arise during this entire process, you have our full support and representation on your family’s behalf.

Because our monument shop designs, engraves and installs our own headstones, we do not have an extra tier of retail markup. This means we can provide you with very competitive pricing.


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Types Of Grave Markers

Families have a great opportunity to select from a wide variety of granite and bronze monuments that provide a lasting individual and family legacy. The basic monument categories include grass (flat) markers, slant/bevel monuments, upright headstones, and custom memorial monuments, with each choice having its own esthetic and cost benefits. Let’s go over the basic styles and types of headstones and markers.

flat marker

Flat Marker

Flat markers can range from small to large footprints that provide the family the option to select a very economic memorial (making them favorites with many people) or go with a larger more elaborate design. Available in granite and bronze, these plaques can be as stately or simple as you wish, with a design that is personalized to your family’s wishes.

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Upright headstones are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. An upright memorial offers the family the ability to have a stone with a substantial profile while providing a significant amount of room for engraving or stylistic details.

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slant marker

Slant Markers

Slant and Bevel memorials offer the family an optimal viewing angle for their stone. Bevel monuments (also referred to as Pillow Tops) have a less steep angle while Slants are often somewhat larger with a more steep viewing angle. The height and angle of the stone can be customized to meet the desires of the family.

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Custom Monuments

Modern technologies and production capabilities have made a wide variety of design choices and options available to families. Bring in your ideas and we will work with you to make it a reality. Custom monuments provide the greatest creative flexibility for sculptures and special geometry within the space allowed by the cemetery.

Our Process

Step #1 – We discuss the type, style, location and cost of your memorial monument. Also, cemeteries regulate the size of the monument based on the size of your cemetery plot and cemetery maintenance policies. As part of this process, we coordinate the design process with the staff of your chosen cemetery.

Step #2 – After you have made your decision, we custom order the bronze from the foundry or the granite stone from the quarry. It usually takes about two to four months for us to receive the granite or bronze monument from the quarry or foundry, respectively.

Step #3 – In the case of granite monuments, while we are waiting for the stone to arrive from the quarry, we work diligently with you on a detailed engraving design for your memorial. Upon request, we will provide a full size plot of the design (at no additional cost) for your review before design approval.


Directions To Our Stockton Office

Service Areas

Please use the arrows to find a convenient list of the cemetaries and funeral homes in your particular city. In most cases, we have already established a relationship and this helps to make your process much easier.


Getting Started

Whether you are looking for something traditional and grand or small and sophisticated, there is a monument to fit both your needs and budget. Thanks to advanced personalization options, you can easily create a monument that reflects a portion of your family’s legacy.

For veterans, you have the option of getting a free monument from the Veterans Administration and, for an additional fee, customizing it into double headstones to include a spouse or other family member and installing it at your cemetery.

Pet memorials are also available. Feel free to talk to us about what we can do to help memorialize your little friend.

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